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Lions Mane Jellyfish: World Biggest Captive Jellyfish

Posted on 22. Jul, 2010 by in Headlines, Science

Lions Mane Jellyfish: World Biggest Captive Jellyfish – About 150 people were standing by in a state park in Rye on Wednesday just to witness the Lions Mane jellyfish which already considered now as the world’s biggest jellyfish. The Associated Press Officer Doug marine mud of the state identified as a lion’s mane jellyfish in a species that resembles the South.

Per description, the jellyfish is estimated to weigh 45-50 pounds and the longest was 13 feet the tentacle. The said jellyfish has a 14 inch diameter bell and pink tentacles. It was given already to The Deep Aquarium in Hull after being found off the East Yorkshire coast.

Deep aquarist Tom Rowe said: ”We were delighted to receive this wonderful animal. It’s the first time I’ve seen a Lion’s Mane in the region and it is by far the largest jellyfish ever displayed at The Deep. As far we know its the largest jellyfish in captivity.”

Apparently, the largest Lion’s Mane ever recorded was washed up in Massachusetts Bay in 1870, with a bell over 7ft in diameter and tentacles longer than 120ft. Mr Rowe reported that the jellyfish is very active and thriving in its new home now.


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