3 Benefits of Paging Systems vs. Intercom Systems for Restaurant Wait Times

If your restaurant is a busy establishment, then your customers are probably going to have to wait for a table from time to time. Some restaurants handle wait lists by asking for customers' names and then calling them out over the intercom when their table is available. Paging systems that vibrate when a customer's table is ready and that the customer can hold while waiting can be a better system, though. Read More 

Do You Think Hackers or a Virus Took Over Your Laptop? Act Fast and Protect Yourself

If something popped up on your computer screen that makes you think that your computer has been compromised and potentially hacked and someone is accessing all of your files and information, shut the computer down. If you think that you have lost control of the computer, but someone else is still connected to it remotely, you may also want to notify your Internet provider of the problems. Log Out of Apps If Possible on Your Phone Read More